Blaine was driving back from Westerville to Dalton, with two suits hanging over the back seat of his blue Mustang. Him and Sebastian had bought those suits to wear on their graduation day a week earlier, but had to leave them behind at the store so some arragements would be done to them. After a morning quickie and an agreement into who was going to get the suits back to the Academy settled in rock, papers, scissors, it was up to Blaine to make the trip to the city. Now, as he drove through the iron gates of the school’s parking lot, the realization of what was about to happen that day started to make his tummy and his fingertips to tingle.

It was a mixed feelings situation. The eagerness to leave, and the sadness of leaving it all behind. The place that was his haven at a point on his life. He got out of the car and grabbed the suits, then walked back to the dorms building as he watched all the features around him, like wanting to memorize every little detail. He also carried a bag ¬†on his hand containing to small boxes. Quickly he made it up the stairs and into his and Sebastian’s room. He knocked, then opened the door. “I’m back!”